Stored Seasons

Seasons neatly stacked on shelves.

Packages of shimmering tinsel, garish garlands
Spruce boughs that have never known
The soft caress of winds and skiffs of snow
Velvet crumbled ribbons, sensuous in scarlet.

Orbs, held prisoner by their own protective wrapping
The Angel waiting until she can once again rise
To herald another Christmas morning.

Battalion of boxes, remnants from gardens past
Fertilizers for tulips, perennials, roses and shrubs,
Boasting of their ability to enhance Nature’s splendor.

Pruning shears, hedge clippers and sprayers
Useful for curtailing the season’s rampages. Spades and
Hoes, rusted from long exposures to earth’s moist embrace.
Leaf blowers, rakes, orange bags for collecting fall’s purges.

Finally ice salt, snow-shovels and window scrapers
Signaling that Nature’s circle and cycle are again complete.

~ J.E. Dyrholm ~
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