joan2As a child I lived in small Alberta towns, before moving to the large industrial steel city of Sheffield, England. Later as an adult, I returned again to England to live in London.

~ Careers as a Registered Nurse working in the Operating Room and the field of Geriatrics.

~ Joining my husband in entrepreneurial ventures in property renovations, construction and property management, as well as owners of a home decorating center.

~ Travels to and through thirty-seven U.S.A. States, Mexico, the Caribbean, the British Isles and numerous trips to Europe.

~ Lastly and most importantly a wife (to the same guy I met when I was seventeen), mother of three and grandmother of two.

Now dividing my time between Claresholm, a rural town in Southern Alberta and the oil & gas city of Calgary, located between cowboy country and the Rocky Mountains on the west and the start of the Canadian prairies on the east.

These diverse experiences have given me snapshots of life from which I compose my poetry. I invite you to come along with me on this poetical journey, to reflect, laugh or cry as you and I share these vignettes of life together.


Christina Rossetti (1830 – 1894)  A Victorian and author of fantasy, mystical and religious (including carols) poetry, as well as stories and poetry for children.

Rossetti and I were both Londoners. She, a life time and I, a brief time. We might have passed each other on the cobblestone streets of London had not more than a century of time separated our lives.

Christina, my alter ego, and I now travel together, to bring my poetry and the delights of her Victorian poetry and costume to audiences.

Joan (Quantz) Dyrholm

Special thanks to all who have aided me on my poetical and web site journey – Stan, Belle & Todd for their photography. Roger for the artwork. Jerry/Middleman Productions for the audio. Lynda & Margot, web site designers @ chixdesign.com for their artistic and computer skills. Yual, a philosopher, who helps unravel my ponderings. David, my poetry mentor, who encourages, teaches, critiques and lends his academic and U.S. perspective. Last, but not least, my family and friends who have unwittingly supplied material for my poetry, as well as suffered through, my poetical intrusions. Thank you!

Joan is also working on Rescue Baby Option.