The Ordinary Man

I think God likes to surprise us
His troublesome Human Race.
Choosing the ordinary man
not the one setting life’s pace.

Joseph became a Ruler, favored son
in a family of over ten.
Brothers had thought him a dreamer
sold him off to foreign men.

David was only a shepherd boy
when he slew the giant with a stone.
He played his harp, honored God
was later placed on Israel’s throne.

God has called men from pastures
and fields, to preach and orate.
While He left learned Scholars
in their groups to debate.

The Disciples were chosen, some
left nets by the Galilean Sea.
They listened, preached, healed
then helped change history.

Billy Graham was judged a farm boy
a country preacher at best.
But God smiled… He would use him.
Man was failing life’s test.

Isn’t it wonderful and awesome
in God’s Great Plan
He chooses to stoop down
and use The Ordinary Man.

~ J.E. Dyrholm ~
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