Country Sermons

I spent my childhood in parsonages in Alberta and England, however
this poem is based on an incident from my husband’s youth…

The Reverend was a country pastor
preaching many years ago.
He gazed over his congregation
My! Oh how he loved them so.
These folks were but frail humans
full of weaknesses and vice.
Why, one of his little congregation
had just up and left his wife.
A member was making moonshine
it was called the Devil’s brew.
The man’s wife was sipping secretly
and his kids were sampling too.
The pretty daughter of the treasurer
with a young rascal just eloped.
Her father wanted it annulled
and was about to call the Pope.
Two neighbors in the congregation
quarreled where the fence should be.
Now they sat on each side of the church
for eye to eye they could not see.
The Pastor saw their shortcomings
and thought he’d set them straight.
He preached on the first man’s vices
yes, he preached with facts, not hate.
The members of that fellowship
under their breath replied ‘Amen’.
They all nodded in full agreement
for the man’s faults were clear to them.
The people enjoyed the pointed sermons.
They did, until it came their turn.
Then they departed in a huff, said they
never intended to return.
The Pastor saw his church was shrinking
then he had a change of heart.
Started to tell of God’s love and mercy
He’d let God do the changing part.
The Reverend learned a valued lesson,
some we learn when we’re dismayed.
By building up, not tearing down, change
results and bonds are seldom frayed.
~ J.E. Dyrholm ~

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