In Valley Ridge

Some years ago, we built
our dream home out here.
Loved it, quiet, no parties
no thrown cans of beer.

We’d been sleep deprived
when sick babies were hot.
Survived our teenagers
while excitement they sought.

We were looking for peace –
quiet in our middle years.
So imagine how we felt
when our dreams disappeared.

Those big trains travel by
all through the long night.
They blast their train whistles
with great gusto and might.

Their wide-awake Engineers
lay four times on their horns.
Are they mean, vindictive
or just saying with scorn?

“I’m working the night shift
and I’ll spoil your sleep too.
You see I can’t sleep now
so why should you?”

So, I’m begging all you
esteemed Politicians,
“Please stop this noise, it’s
Causing us sleep deprivations.”

~ J. E. Dyrholm ~
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