Charge It

A few years ago
the Bankers found out
by giving us plastic
that we’d go about

And spend all our money
before it was earned.
That we’d say “Charge It”
and not be concerned.

(Ritenuto- suddenly slower)
Depression-raised Grandpa
shakes his head at us fools
haven’t we been taught
any budgeting rules?

(Accelerando- becoming quicker)
Now, Bankers have found
to sweeten the pot
rewards to make us do
what Grandparents did not.

Keep crying out “Charge It”
a new vehicle you’ll see.
Fly off into the sunset
on Air Miles it’s free.

With Banks and with ads
encouraging our spending
keep saying “Charge It”
while the card is still lending.

(Risoluto- Resolutely)

Then, when statements come
and you find you can’t pay.
Consolidate… that’s Creative (Also known as leverage financing)
Financing, the contemporize way!

~ J.E. Dyrholm ~
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