Life Happens…

Often unexpectedly
But change
Is a certainty.


(Some poems may be repeated in different categories)

* Denotes that the poem is also in audio form.


Infidelities – Standard for truth
Integrity – Are you questioning…
Liars – Delusions of Liars
White Lies – Progressions

Childhood Memories

Phantoms – Memories of England
Returning – To past places
Sheffield – School days
The Tin Box – Mother/children


Divorce Trilogy – Introduction
Divorce Trilogy – Toddler
Divorce Trilogy – Younger Child
Divorce Trilogy – Older Child
Divorce Trilogy – Epilogue
Hope – A five year old’s optimism


Dad’s Babysittin’ – Let the fun begin *
Double Rainbows – Mother/daughter *
Family Heirlooms – Marriage commitment *
First Grandchild – Grandmother moment
Our Turn Now – Father/daughter *
Poetic Justice – The beginning of my poetry
Progression of Moments – Grandchild
Sandwiched – In-between generation
The Pack Rat – Husband/wife
The Pizza Hero – Father/children *
The Tin Box – Mother/children

Love, Heartbreak, Etc…

Dangled Carats – Custom rings
Harpooned – Cupid’s entanglement
Infidelities – Standard for truth
Internet Romance – My shortest poem
Until – The marathon of marriage

Reflections On Life

Adversity – Lesson from nature
Charge It – Handling finances
Fall planting – Keeping on *
Fateful Curiosity – Death’s timetable
Front Doorstep – Writing inspiration *
In-betweens – Seizing the moment *
Life’s Wine – Variety of Life
Money & Me – Boomtown
Out of Place – Movement of objects
Scheduled – Booking tough times
Sport Utility Vehicles – Judging others
Stored Seasons – Changes of the seasons
The Ladybug – Nature versus man’s solution
Tough Place – Economic downturn


Banking Woes – Payment difficulties
Doggie Do – No explanation required
Sleepless in Valley Ridge – Train noise