Wise Men

Time Travel? What if the Three Wise Men
Came in search of the Christ Child today…

Three Wise Men on camels had come from afar
Led to this present day by the Christ Child’s Star.

Their first stop was Jolly Old Santa’s workshop, yet
When questioned, the small elves would not even stop.

“Hurry up my little lads, we have gifts to deliver
Don’t talk to the strangers,” Santa said with a quiver.

At the rear of the workshop, a small stable they saw,
Surely the child would be there, asleep in the straw.

But there, in the stable, eight reindeer they spied
Rudolf munching his oats, his red nose magnified.

“Where is the Christ Child? The joy at His birth?”
Asked playing children, did they know of His worth?

“The Christ Child… Haven’t heard that name this year
We just celebrate ‘Winter Festival’ here.”

Came next to a shopper on the bustling street
She had presents to purchase and no time to speak.

So the Wise Men rode onward, cold, weary and weak
Hadn’t anyone heard of The King, so meek?

Then melodious music from a small gathering came
The candlelit singers were praising His name.

In this place of worship, on centre stage there
Mary cradled her child, God’s gift so fair.

In the warmth of His love, the wise bowed in prayer.
They’d found the King and they worshipped Him there.

~ J.E. Dyrholm ~