The Dealer’s Hand

The Devil Dealer grinned and roared
as he dealt his cruel hand.
Lady Luck, his seductive partner
watched the rigged dice land.

The desperate Gambler stood alone
with sunken, downcast eyes.
His family’s plans, hopes and dreams
had said their last goodbyes.

In the shadows of the room
the Good Shepherd stood that day.
His tears of sorrow flowed on down
as He watched His Lost Sheep stray.

Finally, the Gambler stepped back
a despairing, broken man.
He’d been duped again by Satan
all have since time began.

Then the Shepherd reached out
and I heard Him gently say,
“I have a better game for you.
Just let Me lead the way.”

The Gambler turned to the Exit sign
leaving this living hell,
And as he clasped the nail-scarred Hand
he knew then… he’d get well.

~ J.E. Dyrholm ~